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Entrepreneurship Fundamentals-2018-2019 is a Course

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals-2018-2019

Time limit: 60 days

$350 Enroll

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Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

This course is designed to be an overview of the entrepreneurial process. Through this course you will have the opportunity to test the feasibility of a new business idea. This course emphasizes practicality and utility over theory. We believe that you will have the best chance of success if you begin applying what you have learned in real world projects as soon as possible.
Being successful as an entrepreneur includes two equally important pieces: content knowledge (i.e., knowing a lot about your technology, product/service offerings, etc.) and process knowledge (i.e., how to assess the feasibility of your idea, the differences in legal forms of organization, how to design a business model, etc.). The modules of this course are designed to help you develop the process knowledge side of starting a business.