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Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing (JBS) - 2021 is a Course

Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing (JBS) - 2021

Time limit: 116 days


Full course description

The course will teach students the principles of feed manufacturing, equipment operation, feed and ingredient quality assurance and regulatory compliance in a modern feed milling operation.
• Participants completing the course will have a basic understanding of how an integrated feed mill operates. Specific objectives for the course include:
• Participants will learn the processes involved in purchasing/receiving ingredients, manufacturing feed, and implementing a quality assurance program.
• Participants will learn the name and function of feed manufacturing equipment.
• Participants will study feed mill regulations and prepare and conduct a safety meeting.

A structured self-paced 12-week professional development course. The course will outline the basic fundamentals of feed manufacturing including understanding how the U.S. feed industry evolved and its current structure as well as the different processing steps involved in manufacturing feed. The lectures for this course are available as narrated PowerPoint presentations that are available for both streaming or for downloading, if a participant has a slower Internet connection. Quizzes, discussion questions, assignments and additional course materials are available via K-State’s Canvas learning management system.

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